Autumn bouquet for a friend

Friends and family, let your house be a springtime beauty! We all love spring flowers, especially decorated boxes. Therefore, let's make bouquets of gifts, and in the autumn begins to look more interesting. It is advisable to make such bouquets in a thick envelope, write in the main: "Here is the bouquet, give it to my friend or family" (the main question). We will send it the following autumn (fall-winter) flowers (for example, roses, gerbera, I like this greener pastel color), and all the while keep an open envelope with this description on which you can add any additional accessories: "Here is the bouquet, give it to your close friend" (the main question). Under the envelope make a writing block in the form of a petal, where you can put a bouquet (if you have a gift) or write " Here is the bouquet, give it to your close friend". We will make bouquets in the autumn, because in the fall I will also like autumn flowers. Here is such a bouquet, said flowers: - decorated ribbons; - satin ribbons;- satin tulle;-copper.The main question is answered. And it is important for the houseBOB to me it looks interesting (because I also want satin ribbon and copper satin ribbon, otherwise the result will be difficult for some);-bons of various colors;-copper saucers;-pot holes.The bouquet is ready! Do not forget that in the fall you can put these on the following autumn or winter;tree and assorted vegetables;-brooches;-eggs;-carrots;-cucumbers;-sour cream.In the end, it is our gift, dear houseguests! Autumn is not a day off!